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Hiring and Culture On Purpose, For Purpose, With Purpose
Picture of Beth Winstead, Founder

You don’t have to spend another day stressed out by applicant volume overload, disappointed in candidate quality, and bogged down by hours of interviews. 

No more struggling to hire and retain a diverse workforce and being short on time and energy to manage your programs, projects, and people to keep the boat afloat. 

Break through the cycle of failed recruitment and employee turnover, and increase your peace of mind, limited time, and bottom line with a hiring and culture business partner. 

Show up to interviews relaxed knowing every detail is done and go home relaxed, confident you have a highly engaged, productive, and committed team that has your back. 

Remodel recruitment to bring the right people to your team with a partner who takes care of every detail, managing and enhancing the hiring process from job description to job offer. 

Reverse engineer retention to keep your people showing up with energy, passion, and joy with a partner who brings innovative strategies, tools, techniques, and methodologies to the table. 

With an equitable hiring system and inclusive people practices, you’ll get better results immediately and position yourself to attract and retain diverse talent. 

It’s Hiring and Culture On Purpose, For Purpose, With Purpose. It’s a Higher Purpose!

I’m Beth Winstead, Founder of Higher Purpose Human Resources. I’m on a mission to help servant leaders hire the right people faster and keep them longer.

I’m an HR Professional with over two decades of experience in the employee life cycle with talent acquisition, employee relations, communications, and project management expertise. 

I am passionate about diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging and partnering with servant leaders who are changing the workplace and world, creating a better future for all.

My Alignment-Based Hiring and Culture methodology is different. It’s how leaders break through the cycle of failed recruitment and employee turnover. 

Equitable hiring systems and inclusive people practices are what I do best. It’s about remodeling recruitment and reverse engineering retention to demolish pain points and open doors.


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It’s time to break through failed recruitment and employee turnover to bring highly engaged, productive, and committed people to your team and keep them showing up with energy, passion, and joy – guaranteed.